‘We’re all trying to find our place in the world, but when you’re a half-Brazilian, half-Norwegian woman living in Sydney, home is difficult to define…’
For the last decade filmmaker Maiara da Rocha Skarheim has embraced Australia as home. But recently she had a calling; an urge to return to her birthplace Brazil and explore the notion what life would have been like, had she never left. Thus Maiara returns to the land of her childhood in an attempt to reconnect with the places and people she left behind all those years ago. But this isn’t just about going home, it’s also about exploring some more of the country, having new experiences and engaging with locals who want to better Brazil through creativity. Here, she searches for a sense of identity, a connection with country, and a rekindling of family-ties while coming to terms with the inevitability of change – both in herself and her motherland.

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Skills : Documentary, Arts & Culture

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